Who we are.

We strive to deliver excellent products, at excellent prices! Our hassle free customer service is ‘Second to None’… Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with all of your gardening and brewing needs.


We have a large selection of equipment in stock. If you are looking for a system or replacement parts, we are a one stop shop. We specialize in building custom systems to fulfill your needs. All parts and fittings necessary to complete your system. Flood tables and reservoirs, Hose, net baskets, bucket lids, submersible pumps of all sizes, single and multi output air pumps, air stones. Complete hydroponic systems: Ebb & Flo, General Hydroponics Rainforest – all models, EZ- Clone , Waterfarm Kits.


Large Indoor lighting assortment. T-5 high output 2, 4, 6, and 8 bulb fixtures. We have a large selection of compact flourescent bulbs, and H.I.D lighting. Ballasts of all sizes: 250, 400, 600, and 1000 watt. Reflectors ranging from wing style to large air cooled hoods. HID Bulbs from Hortilux and Digi-Lux to Xtrasun.

Indoor Tents
and Accessories

Large selection of indoor grow tents ranging from 1x1 to 10x10 and up! Keep pollen and odors out with our selection of carbon filters for small areas to commercial size filters. Fans of all sizes for ventilation and filtration to keep your plants happy. Co2 bags and tanks available from 5lb. and up.

Pest Control

Have pests? Not a Problem, we carry what you need to protect your garden! Organic and non-organic options available. Foggers for entire rooms, sprays for individual spots, traps to catch pests. Fungicidal remedies for hard to deal with problems. Put some warriors in your garden with live ladybugs.

Climate Control

Maintain the perfect climate for your garden. Co2 controllers available to maximize your efficiency. Fans of varying sizes and attachments to keep the air flowing. Filters of all sizes to take care of pollen, odor, and other problems. Temperature monitors and controllers available.

Growing Mediums

Extensive selection of growing mediums available. Organic soils, Coco fibre, Rock Wool, perlite, Hydroton, peat moss and mixes. All the amentities to add if you are looking to make your own soil blend. Compost and worm casting ready to add to your garden.