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1000w light Kit

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The Nanolux NN1000D operates metal halide or high pressure sodium lamps, and uses cutting edge circuit board technology to make it half the size of traditional ballasts at a quarter of the weight. This ballast utilizes an LED notification system, allowing the user to easily diagnose problems such as fan failure, under or over voltage, and thermal overload protection. The Nanolux features energy-savings up to 30%, compared with magnetic ballasts, and runs 20% cooler than other digital ballasts on the market.

•Pre-wired with a dual-lamp receptacle, plugs into all common reflectors without an adapter plug
•Able to customize your light output between 100%, 75%, and 50%
•Multi-voltage, runs 110, 120, 207, 208, 220, and 240 volt
•Features a LED error indicator light
•Includes a 120-volt power cord

If you are looking for efficiency, extreme lumen output, and wide color spectrum, these Digilux metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs are the preferred bulbs for growers. With the assistance of a digital ballast the DX1000HPS features an enhanced spectrum, longer bulb life, and less lumen depreciation.

•Universal operating positions, both vertical and horizontal fixtures
•Superior performance compared to MH and HPS bulbs
•Made to highest industry standards
•Maximum PAR light production
•12,000 hour life span

The C.A.P. 6″ REF-008 XXXtreme Reflector features a low profile design and is sealed for more efficient cooling. It is equipped with an imported AlumaBrite™ reflective aluminum insert, regarded by gardening professionals as the industry standard for quality. This attention to detail and quality ensures maximum uniformity of light output while simultaneously minimizing hot spots.

With the C.A.P. 6″ REF-008 XXXtreme Reflector, you’ll also get a specially designed aerodynamic socket that alleviates wind drag and maintains steady airflow, and a separate capacitor compartment provides for cooler temperatures.

•Includes 120v power cord

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